Build your embedded app with on-line tool

I recently came across the Geppetto tool (actually version 2.0 of the tool), developed by Gumstix a producer of Linux-based computers-on-module (COMs). Geppetto is an on-line tool that lets you build out your application in a pretty simple and straightforward manner.Geppetto.png

The new version of the tool introduces TuxApproved recommended mappings for buses, ensuring the best compatibility between customer-created hardware and standard Linux images. In addition, Geppetto 2.0 offers an expanded module selection, improved dimensioning, faster UI, and video tutorials.

With a fairly low buy-in cost ($1999), Geppetto 2.0 gives designers a relatively inexpensive way to reduce their product time-to-market and design costs. This could be significant, as in many cases, this refers to custom embedded systems.

On the hardware side, the company is offering the AeroCore 2 MAV control board and the Pepper DVID single-board computer. The AeroCore 2 is built with an ARM Cortex M4-based CPU. Aimed at powering intelligent, next-generation microaerial vehicles (MAVs), the board gives MAV developers a greater selection in finding a custom computing solution, adding CAM, Spektrum RC, and GPS interfaces. The board sells for $149.

The Pepper DVID board is a relatively powerful, compact solution for embedded developers looking to work with ARM's Cortex A8 processors, specifically the Texas Instruments' Sitara AM3354 CPU. This board sells for $119 and offers high-definition video output, 512 Mbytes of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, audio connectivity, a console port, and two USB OnTheGo ports.