#ARMBoardWins Winners - Day 3

The theme for Day 3 of the #ARMBoardWins competition is the Internet of Things, to coincide with my day 3 Wall of Boards blog on the ARM® mbed™ ecosystem. So embedded intelligence, wearable or cleverly connected applications are the flavour of the day.

#ARMBoardWins Day 3 Winner

Today's grand winner is ARM Connected Community Member gasparoivicius for a fantastic Smartwatch for Health design based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 with ARM Cortex®-M4.

Prototype of ultimate smartwatch for health

Fantastic sensor integration, combined with connectivity, a miniturasied form factor and some 3D printing make this a winner.


Today's runners up

ARM Connected Community member sachintj provides an excellent Fetal Monitoring prototype on an Analogue Devices ARM Cortex-M3 based device. A device that will strike a cord with anyone who's known someone to go through a complicated delivery. Wearable, and connected via Bluetooth.

Prototype of wearable Fetal ECG monitor (non-invasive).

FECG proto_Debugging.jpg

Twitter User @JefeGlancy submitted some fantastic custom PCB Christmas decorations:

@ARMEmbedded My #wearables Christmas tree pendant runs LED patterns from an ARM Cortex M0+. #ARMBoardWins #emb2016 pic.twitter.com/Kj3if8DFjM

— Jeff Glancy (@JefeGlancy) February 16, 2016

Smart ornaments are definitely the way forward next Christmas.

Finally, a shout out to twitter user @DesChips for their twisted candy dispenser:

A candy dispenser, with twist... #ARMBoardWins @ARMEmbedded #STM32F4 https://t.co/NCVIrTzLMM pic.twitter.com/2UPl6vKfS2

— Fabien (@DesChips) February 23, 2016

Because, well... Candy!

Stay tuned for the final winners of #ARMBoardWins at Embedded World 2016.