Arm TechCon Innovation Awards open for submissions

Most innovators toil in obscurity to overcome the big technical challenges of the day until they break through and realize their product. They do this happily, knowing the journey is as much fun as the destination. What if they could be recognized, for both the journey and the destination—the result? That’s where the Arm TechCon Innovation Awards come in.

Arm Techcon 2016 Winner of Best IoT Product

The Innovation Awards honor and celebrate that point between yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s possibilities where “aha!” happens in embedded, IoT and other applications areas.

The Innovation Awards highlight the most innovative Arm-based solutions and products developed between Oct. 1, 2016, and Sept. 30, 2017. If you’re still awed by your company’s last aha moment and are exhibiting at Arm TechCon, you’d be crazy not to enter. You’ve got until Sept. 18 to submit your entries. Last year, the judges celebrated dozens of entries and awarded top honors to

  • Achronix Semiconductor (Speedcore)
  • DevicePilot for its DevicePilot cloud-based device-management software
  • NXP BlueBox Autonomous Development platform
  • NXP and MikroElektronika for their Hexiwear platform

This year, a panel of Design News editors and Arm experts will select 15 finalists, 3 in each of five categories. Check out additional details and how you can enter. Toiling in obscurity has its benefits but so too does being recognized and celebrated by your peers around the Arm community!      

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