Tutorial on OMA Lightweight M2M

OMA Lightweight M2M protocol is a device management protocol developed by Open Mobile Alliance.

Technically, it is a communication protocol for use between client software on a M2M device and  server software on a M2M management and service enablement platform. The LWM2M protocol, to be used for remote management of M2M devices and related service enablement, has at least  four outstanding characteristics: 1) it features a modern architectural design based on REST  appealing to software developers, 2) it defines a resource and data model that is extensible, 3) it  has been designed with performance and the constraints of M2M devices in mind, and 4) it reuses  and builds on an efficient secure data transfer standard called the Constrained Application  Protocol (CoAP) that has been standardized by the Internet Engineering Task force (IETF) as a  variation of the Internet’s HTTP protocol (appropriate fordata transfer to and from low-cost  connected IoT devices)

ARM OMA Lightweight M2M Tutorial.pdf