Arm showcases eSIM technology at European Utility Week

This week, Arm is participating in European Utility Week taking place at the Messe Wein in Vienna, Austria between 6 - 7 November.  This exciting event brings together over 12,000 of Europe's top level energy professionals in a three day expo and conference.

On the Arm expo booth (A.j45), visitors to the event will be able to see Pelion Connectivity Management in action including a demonstration of the platforms remote SIM provisioning technology.  With this technology, utility providers are able to take control of their network tariff and choose the right network for their business.  Using the latest technology in eSIM, utility providers are able to change their network profile without having to manually change the SIM card inside the device removing the need for costly call outs.  

As part of the Digitisation Hub on Wednesday 7 November at 3.30, Thomas Herbst, Director of Utility Market Strategy and Rob Shah, Product Manager will be giving a talk on how eSIM will reduce costs for utility providers.  To learn more about this technology, read the Remote SIM Provisioning whitepaper.

In addition to Pelion Connectivity Management, visitors to the booth will be able to see an example of a Iskraemeco Smart Meter utilising the Kigen SIM Solution to provide secure identity based on the Arm Platform Security Architecture.  

An example of Pelion Device Management will also be represented on the booth in a demonstration which was built in partnership with OSIsoft utilising the companies Pi platform.  This fun demonstration uses the Pelion platform along with OSIsoft Pi to measure the energy out put, noise and vibration from a hand powered energy generator.

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