Meet the new Arm Innovators: IoT experts, physicists and robotic inventors

In June 2018 the Arm Innovator Program went on the road to Asia for the Arm Innovator Tour. The tour enabled our team to learn about the amazing work being done by developers on Arm technology, connect with our ecosystem and find new talented technical leaders to join the Arm Innovator Program. 

In just four weeks, we were able to connect with over 450 developers, who are all building inspiring projects that will benefit the technology ecosystem.  

Arm Innovator Asia TourHighlights from the Arm Innovator Tour

We have discovered a high number of technical experts, and we are very pleased to announce the next eight Arm Innovators today. They are key technical experts helping to share and encourage innovation across a wide variety of exciting areas.  

In the coming months, we will be working with our innovators to produce and deliver content, workshops, blogs, webinars, live streams and more! This content will help to spread awareness and high-quality educational materials to support our community of developers working in these areas. 

Here we introduce our new Innovators!

Bofu Chen: CTO DT42

Bofu chen - Arm Innovator

Bofu Chen is the CTO of DT42 as well as the architect and developer of BerryNet, a flexible and scalable solution to make edge devices smarter. As well as enabling deep learning on edge devices with his contributions to BerryNet, Bofu is also leading Epeuva, an AI generator project. His aim is to enable developers to easily create customised intelligent edge solutions. He is one of the top five open-source developers of Taiwan, according to the statistics of GitHub stars in 2017. Bofu has strong faith in FLOSS (free/libre and open-source software) and is active in the free software community.

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Koichi Nakamura (中村晃一) CEO and Co-Founder Idein Inc

Koichi Nakamura - Arm Innovator

Koichi is a Founder of Idein, a company that works on research and development of on-device inference technology, especially on Raspberry Pi. His tools are enabling developers to optimise their models to achieve impressive results without any accuracy drop on various Raspberry Pi models.

He is a tireless developer, and amongst other creations he has developed a light-bulb shaped vision sensor, a Raspberry Pi Zero cluster board and a Pi Zero drone HAT.

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Masafumi Ohta: Founder and Representative Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group

Masafumi Ohta - Arm Innovator

Masafumi founded the Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group with fellow Raspberry Pi enthusiasts in 2012. Through his impressive, personal and volunteering efforts, he has become an influential community enabler in Japan. He supports developers when starting their own projects, as well as helping advanced developers to run very successful crowdfunding campaigns. On top of the numerous Raspberry Pi projects that he organises, he is also advising Japanese businesses on how to integrate Raspberry Pi in their use cases.

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Kitty Yeung: Creative Technologist and Manager of The Garage Silicon Valley Microsoft

Kitty Yeung - Arm Innovator

Kitty Yeung is a physicist, artist, maker, fashion designer and musician based in Silicon Valley, California. She currently works as a creative technologist and manager at the Garage, Microsoft.

Kitty’s early career was focused on hardcore scientific research and academic training, while pursuing artistic endeavors through painting, music and graphic novel creations. It has been her dream since childhood to work in the three intellectual fields: science, music and art.

Being a scientist, she also experienced how arts influence people, culturally and how different fields inspire each other. After finishing her PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, Kitty found the perfect way to integrate art and design with science and technology via tech-fashion designs. Her work focuses on applying cutting-edge Arm technologies to both garments and manufacturing processes.

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Seth Welday: Product Marketing Manager, Seeed Studios

Seth Welday - Arm Innovator

Seth started as a developer evangelist at Dronesmith Technologies, a provider of IoT drone hardware and software for developers and businesses. Currently, he works at Seeed Studios promoting and shaping new IoT hardware with the aim of creating a more connected and sustainable world. Seth believes that this vision can become a reality by supporting developers with flexible IoT platforms to allow them to innovate and quickly move to field-ready devices.

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Amanda Hsu: Head of Product Solution, Shape Prototype

Amanda Hsu - Arm Innovator

Over the past three years, Amanda, based between Shenzhen and Taiwan, leads a product management team that helps over 100 IoT connected device and med-tech start-ups worldwide. Prior to this, she was a lead project manager, responsible for prototyping projects from Fortune 500 companies.  

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You Ren Hsu: CEO / Founder, Agriforward

You Ren Hsu - Arm Innovator

You Ren is a nano-engineer with a passion for ecology and nature. He founded Agriforward in 2016 to address the problem of food wastage.

Agriforward focuses on merging innovative bio-farming techniques with modern IoT technologies to maximize farming yield and reduce food waste.

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Lauren Pan VP of Product Development DFRobot

Lauren Pan - Arm Innovator

Lauren has been exploring open source hardware, IoT, sensing technology and robotics. In DFRobot, Lauren is responsible for producing high-quality hardware and services, specifically designed for developers who are expanding the circle of competence, accelerating innovation in the Internet of Things and within the intelligent hardware industry.

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