Introducing the Arm Innovator Program, in collaboration with

Arm is pleased to announce the launch of the Arm Innovator Program in collaboration with, the leading community dedicated to learning hardware. The Arm Innovator Program is a new initiative to help support the global ecosystem of Arm developers, highlight the impressive work happening around the world based on Arm technology and share key domain knowledge from top technical experts building solutions on Arm with a wider audience.

Without further ado, we’re excited to announce the first group of Arm Innovators below; you’ll learn more about them later in the blog:

  • John Teel, President of Predictable Designs
  • Laura Kassovic, President and Co-founder of MbientLab
  • Forrest Iandola, CEO and Founder of DeepScale
  • Amit Moran, VP and Co-founder at Indoor Robotics
  • Laurent Itti, Computational Neuroscientist, creator of the JeVois
  • Orlando Hoilett, PHD student and founder of Calvary Engineering
  • Renee Love, Open-source roboticist
  • Azeria – Independent Security Researcher, Founder of Azeria Labs
  • Andrew Dresner, Open-source roboticist
  • Honggang Li, Co-founder of Maker Collider

With over 100 billion processors shipped since 1991, the Arm ecosystem consists of a vast number of talented individuals solving problems in every imaginable domain. Arm Innovators are technical leaders helping to extend Arm architecture and sharing their experience in a wide variety of exciting areas including:

  • IoT / Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Perceptual Computing / Computer Vision
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Robots / Drones
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Aerospace
  • China Ecosystem
  • Open-Source Hardware / Education / Makers
  • And much more…

In coming months, we will be working with our Innovators to produce and deliver content, workshops, solutions, guides, webinars, live streams and blog posts to spread awareness and high-quality educational materials to support developers working in these areas. This content will be hosted on, as well as the Arm Community. We will also be adding new Innovators over the next few years.

We want to thank (part of Avnet, Inc.) and our Innovators for helping us to make this program possible!

Meet the Arm Innovators

John Teel: President at Predictable Designs

John Teel - Arm Innovator

John Teel is founder of Predictable Designs, a company which helps entrepreneurs, startups, makers, inventors, and small companies develop and launch new electronic products.  John was formerly a senior design engineer for Texas Instruments where he created circuit designs now used in millions of popular electronic products (including some from Apple).  In fact, you probably own a product or two that uses one of his designs. He is also a successful entrepreneur who developed his own hardware product, had it manufactured in Asia, and sold in over 500 retail locations in three countries.

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Laura Kassovic: President & Co-founder at MbientLab

 Laura Kassovic- Arm Innovator

Laura is a former Intel SOC engineer who now spends her time mentoring startups in the Wearable and AI space. Laura is the co-founder of MbientLab, a wireless sensing solution provider used for product development, research, location and people tracking, asset and cargo monitoring. Developers can use the platform to build a fitness tracker, monitor cold cargo, conduct medical trials, build a smart running t-shirt, or to simply send raw accelerometer data to the Cloud!

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Forrest Iandola: CEO and Founder at DeepScale

 Forrest landola- Arm Innovator

Forrest Iandola completed a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where his research focused on deep neural networks. His advances in scalable training and efficient implementation of deep neural networks led to the founding of DeepScale, where he is CEO. DeepScale is focused entirely on building perception and sensor fusion systems for autonomous vehicles, and has a number of engagements with automakers and automotive suppliers.

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Orlando Hoilett: PHD student in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University

 Orlando Hoilett - Arm Innovator

Orlando is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University interested in wearables, personalized health, and engineering education.  He is also founder of Calvary Engineering LLC ,a start-up devoted to developing tools for biomedical engineering education. His technical research involves developing wearable/mobile health platforms to assist rehabilitation patients in overcoming addiction. On the education side, he develops fun, educational workshops and activities to excite engineering students about studying biomedical engineering and challenge themselves to branch out and explore engineering principles outside of their curriculum.

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Amit Moran: VP and Co-founder at Indoor Robotics

 Amit Moran - Arm Innovator

Amit Moran is the VP R&D and co-founder at Indoor Robotics, a company that is leading the development of AI based autonomous, aware and affordable robots that solve real world problems in indoor scenarios. In his spare time, Amit is leading the Israel Robotics Community, which he co-founded with Doron Ben-David. The goal of the community is to become a building place where robotic enthusiasts from all disciplines could come together to discuss, learn and create.

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Renee Love: Open-source roboticist

 Renee Love - Arm Innovator

Renee has nearly two decades of computing, electronics, programming and robotic experience. Her diverse skillset has brought many new products to market from open source hobby and educational robotics to subsea inertial systems and highly scalable distributed seismic tools. She is also co-creator of multiple multirotor aircrafts and their flight controllers as well as a drone pilot and FPV racer. Renee is currently involved with ROS (Robot Operating System) development, telepresence networks, autonomous systems and platform connectivity between new systems and devices.

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Azeria: Independent Security Researcher, Founder of Azeria Labs

 Azeria - Arm Innovator

Azeria is an independent security researcher and penetration tester with a passion for Arm exploitation. She founded Azeria Labs to advance Arm security and defense beyond its current constraints. Recognizing the central role of Arm in the proliferation of computing, Azeria has set her sights on advancing the boundaries of what’s thought possible with Arm security. To help others with a similar interest, she has been filling the wide gap in accurate and updated material about the art of Arm exploitation through workshops and tutorials.

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Andrew Dresner: Open-source roboticist

 Andrew Dresner - Arm Innovator

Andrew Dresner has worked as a robotic technologies developer for over a decade, with a focus on open source educational and research platforms. His projects have involved multi-legged walking robots, humanoids, robotic manipulators, and 3D vision systems. He currently has a focus on ROS (Robot Operating System), autonomous navigation systems, home automation, energy technologies, and drones.

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Dr. Laurent Itti: Computational Neuroscientist, creator of the JeVois Smart Machine Vision Camera

 Laurent Itti - Arm Innovator

Dr. Itti is the founder of JeVois, an open-source project to create smart programmable cameras that run machine vision and deep learning algorithms directly in the camera. He also is professor of computer science, psychology and neuroscience at the University of Southern California (USC). His academic research interests are in visual neuroscience, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He has published over 150 scientific research articles, some of which have been widely recognized by his peers. He received his M.S. from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, majoring in electronics, computer science, and image processing, and his Ph.D. in computation and neural systems from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

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Honggang Li: Co-founder at Maker Collider

 Honggangi - Arm Innovator

Honggang Li is the co-founder of Maker Collider, which provides cutting edge technologies and accelerator service to hardware innovators. He leads the development of the open-source software “SmartNode/AI” framework, and designed the Maker Collider AI Design Kit, which help makers and developers implement designs based on artificial intelligence. Honggang worked at Intel from 2007 to 2015, and has filed more than 50 international patents.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the qualifications of an Arm Innovator?

As Arm introduces new technologies, such as DynamIQ, with significantly more powerful Arm cores such as the new Arm Cortex-A75, and the Arm Compute Library, we are looking for technical leaders who are pushing the envelope for where Arm architecture can go. Deep Learning, Automotive, Computer Vision and Aerospace are only a few examples (see a full list above). Furthermore, we value great technical communicators and evangelists who focus on sharing their knowledge with others. We also strongly value those who bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds to the table.

What domains are Arm Innovators engaged in?

Any area where low-power Arm processors can go. There are so many amazing solutions being built on Arm we are always learning about new areas of exploration. Surprise us!

How can I learn more about the Arm Innovator Program?

How do I become an Arm Innovator?

Send us an email: and we can discuss further. Slots are limited!