We were at the Bluetooth World event at San Jose last week. The two days were divided into – Internet of ‘my’ things and the internet of everything, recognizing the distinction and the place for technologies and platforms supporting both.

Over a billion Bluetooth Smart ready gateway (hub) devices existed in 2013! Most of the future growth in the Bluetooth devices will come from Bluetooth Smart (BLE).


Good coverage on the top products/trends takeaways from the event



Here are some catchy ‘thought takeaways’ Prithi Ramakrishnan (Prithi_R) on Twitter

  1. Smart phone is the original wearable!
  2. Technology is there - Wearables are bounded by human physiology and social acceptability
  3. Bluetooth with IPV6 support - Future of the wearable IoT is the device and the cloud. Let us minimise middle man – Apps!
  4. Crowd-funded Bluetooth Smart application/device makers use crowd-sourcing to dictate their features
  5. We are moving from 'quantified self' to 'quantified other' using Bluetooth Smart
  6. Bluetooth Smart enables moving from smart devices to smart spaces - spaces that understand the people in it.
  7. Delivering 'care anywhere', going beyond hospitals using IoT technologies
  8. Medicine is moving back to the 'individual' - manage the individual not the disease using IoT technologies
  9. Preventative care and chronic disease management will drive medical IoT
  10. Payment is the tip of the iceberg for @beacons in retail. Customized experience is key! Think ambient displays!
  11. Our devices and ecosystems are coming of age, they are growing up, talking to each other
  12. To supply power to 50 B devices we need 'bit energy' engineers
  13. 'The auto - magic world' - The future with @bluetoothsmart
  14. What will be the 'Ambient connectivity' technology of the future is the question raised @bluetoothworld