Internet security ( ARM Security Library - Security Innovation, Inc. ) has always been a problem, but as the web transitions into a true Internet of Things ( IoT innovation with ARM microcontrollers and mbed ) determining who is actually responsible for that security is an issue of debate.  Users believe tech creators are responsible for keeping them safe (a rather irresponsible position, but the lawyers seem to agree) and within the tech creation world, hardware points at software, software points and hardware and together blames marketing.


We did a video interview with Jason Shadewald, a product marketing manager for ARM Community member Parasoft and asked the question: Who's responsible? From his perspective, the group responsible that becomes the group is the one identified for the weakness... so in the process of building in security everyone needs to look for the weaknesses, especially Embedded software developers since their tech is most prevalent across all platforms.  There are several people in the community with deep concerns about embedded security, like pkimelman and fergie .  They are looking for your input.  So am I.


Now, before you jump to the video, We are experimenting with a new platform called MeBox.  This is the first completely interactive video platform that allows us to embed links to other content in a column on the right.  Each link opens as the video progresses.  Click on one that interests you and it will stop the video long enough for you to look it over before starting again.  There are also buttons in the column and in the upper right hand corner to allow you to share the content across multiple platforms.  Have some fun with it.