How SLAM will transform five key areas

In a previous blog, I introduced the SLAM technology, explaining what it is and how it works. As I mentioned, I believe that SLAM has the potential to be truly transformative across a number of different devices and technologies from mobile to autonomous vehicles. I also believe that there will be five genuine areas where SLAM will improve and fundamentally change the lives of consumers and businesses in the near future. These are navigation, advertising, retail, gaming and social, including social media and day-to-day interactions with friends, family and even fans online.

Let me take you through these use cases in more detail and explain how SLAM could transform each one.

1. Navigation

For navigation, SLAM will improve the accuracy of outdoor navigation, while also enabling accurate indoor navigation. Just think about being able to navigate around a giant shopping center or any large indoor arena on your smartphone without having to ask for directions or look at a physical map. So how does this work?

SLAM will bring a far greater understanding of the physical environment - both indoors and outdoors - so that enhancing it with virtual elements becomes possible. As SLAM brings position and mapping information to the software level then developers can utilize this information and overlay the environment with graphics to help users navigate to their destination. This could be achieved through some arrows drawn on top of a street or an indoor corridor, or even through virtual characters guiding users to their destination. Personally, I cannot wait to see how it will impact future tourism. I can already imagine being guided through a city with my children's favorite cartoon character providing entertainment for the youngsters.

SLAM is already in millions of phones thanks to Google ARCore and Apple ARKit. A previous blog from my colleague Roberto Lopez Mendez explains how to implement indoor navigation using Google ARCore. In addition, this short video below shows just how it works.