Premium IP Announcements to Developer Ecosystems, How it all Ties Together

Game development moves at an incredibly fast pace, and with looming deadlines and the ever-closer publishing date, the focus is – quite rightly – on shipping titles on time on existing platforms. With such a profound focus on ‘now’, the challenge for the developer community is looking past the horizon to see what new mobile hardware will be available in the future.

At a recent event in San Francisco, Arm launched the new premium suite of mobile IP, which will deliver significant performance improvements in smartphones and Arm powered laptops. The launch included:

  • Arm Cortex-A76 CPU: New microarchitecture enabling 35 percent more performance year-over-year for increased productivity
  • Arm Mali-G76 GPU: Untethered gaming and on-device machine learning (ML) with 30 percent higher efficiency and performance over previous generations
  • Arm Mali-V76 VPU: Enabling UHD 8K viewing experiences across more devices

New devices based on Arm's suite of premium IP will be available in early 2019. For the developer community, these types of announcements signal the progress and innovation in mobile technology and what they should be prepared for in the next generation of devices. 

Below is a video from Android Authority's Gary Sims (@garysims) who explains how this new IP will affect future technologies.