Optimizing Unity Games for Mobile Platforms

During the last days of August 2013 I was in the wonderful city of Vancouver, Canada, to attend Unite 2013, one of the biggest events dedicated to Unity, the market-leading platform for creating high-quality video games and other interactive 3D content.
Whilst there I met a host of friends working for and with Unity Technologies, I attended the keynote about the upcoming features of the engine (including the new 2D tools they are offering) and saw great examples of emerging technologies among the booths.

But most importantly, on the first day of the conference I gave a presentation about how to optimize your games made with the Unity engine, enabling them to work as fast and efficiently as possible on mobile platforms with ARM® Mali™ GPUs.
Topics addressed in the presentation include:

  • Unity Profiler
  • Common performance bottlenecks
  • OpenGL® ES 3.0 features
  • Real use-cases from a test application I wrote specifically for the purpose

You can find more details in the full presentation, available here: Unite 2013 - Optimizing Unity Games for Mobile Platforms

There were lots of questions at the end of the presentation, most of them regarding the correct way of implementing texture atlas rendering, and some of the audience even came again at our booth the following day to watch a profiling session in action.
If you have any new questions about how to optimize Unity games for mobile, please ask them in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, here are some useful links to help you get started:

Overall it was a great experience. The spirit, the organization, the location - everything was very inspiring and I'm looking forward to going again next year.

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