New OPPO R11 smartphone delivers stunning photo quality with Arm Assertive Display

It’s not news that smartphones have become the hub of our daily lives: there are currently around 3.9 billion subscriptions worldwide, with growth in less mature markets predicted to push that number to 9 billion by 20221.

Consumers today spend a lot of time with their mobile screens: more than 95% of Chinese internet users used a mobile device to access the internet in 20162; India saw more than 43 million new mobile subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017 alone; and British adults now spend more time on media and communications than they do sleeping3.

What is perhaps surprising, given the amount of time we spend looking at these screens, is how frustrating that experience can be. Venture into bright daylight and it can be almost impossible to view anything other than glare.

The human eye is able to perceive light and shade dynamically, automatically compensating as we focus on different areas of interest. Yet, until recently, mobile displays have not been so nimble. Arm Assertive Display  is, however, something of a game changer.

A decade of research

The result of over a decade's research into modeling human vision, Assertive Display automatically adjusts brightness and contrast in real time to deliver stunning detail and clarity, regardless of the lighting conditions. Rather than simply making a global adjustment to the display’s brightness, Assertive Display continuously adapts each individual pixel to preserve the colour and contrast ratio for a seamless viewing experience, whether indoors or outside in bright sunshine.

Interestingly, for such a powerful feature, Assertive Display actually reduces reliance on the handset’s backlight – one of the main causes of battery drain. So, in addition to providing an enhanced viewing experience, it also significantly extends the device’s battery life.

Assertive Display is fast becoming the benchmark for mobile screen clarity, and is deployed in numerous market-leading handsets worldwide.

Two new smartphones from China-based OPPO Mobile – the OPPO R11 and R11 Plus –  are among the latest to benefit from Assertive Display.


“Mobile photography has always been a key focus for us. While camera technology has improved greatly, in the very recent past, taking and viewing photos under bright sunlight was really frustrating. Assertive Display, in combination with our dual 20MP camera, allows our users to achieve spectacular images, with exceptionally clear detail in all light conditions.”

Dr. King, OPPO's Hardware Director.



“Assertive Display's cutting-edge technology will provide the ultimate viewing experience for OPPO's users, allowing them to capture higher quality images than ever before.”

Tim Ramsdale, VP and General Manager for Arm’s Imaging & Vision Group



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