ARM & Nibiru Joint Innovation Lab set to Streamline Game Development

At GDC 2016 ARM® and Nibiru, a key ecosystem partner, announced the exciting launch of the Joint Innovation Lab. Designed to give developers the best possible support when developing mobile games, the innovation lab promises to streamline and simplify the process of porting mobile games to Nibiru’s ARM-based platforms.

As VR is such a focal point for the mobile gaming industry it’s also a key focus for Nibiru. Currently offering over 40 different all-in-one VR devices designed to work with all levels of content, Nibiru are a thought leader in the standalone VR space.


One of the exciting upcoming VR releases from game studio Mad Rock and enabled by Nibiru is X-Planet, a first-person shooter game specially designed for their ARM Mali powered VR headsets. The game concept is familiar yet engaging, far far away there is a planet called X-Planet, and you, the pilot, are charged with defending it against unknown adversaries. What’s really cool about this is the use of eye-tracking software to interact with the game and control your movements using gaze based targeting to pilot an armed cockpit through intense battles. Your enemies become more powerful as you progress demanding you defeat progressively harder waves of robot enemies, attacking you from all sides!

The awesome soundtrack demands headphones for a fully immersive experience and the game can be fully enjoyed while seated to reduce the chance of over-excited users stepping on the cat mid-battle.


X-Planet from Mad Rock

X-Planet is due to launch across all of Nibiru’s high performance platforms including VR Launcher and VR AIO HMD, aiming to provide the ultimate VR gaming experience. It’s well known that VR places high demands on processors and Nibiru choose ARM Mali GPUs in order to get the best possible performance with the lowest possible power cost. The ARM & Nibiru Joint Innovation Lab can help take VR gaming to the next level.

1 Nibiru.jpgNibiru launching the Joint Innovation Lab at the ARM Lecture Theatre at GDC 2016

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