Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile VR with Apex Construct

Mobile gaming is now the largest and most valuable segment of the global gaming market. Porting your game to mobile is not straightforward however, as there is a range of constraints and considerations that are required for an optimal experience due to the form-factor. Virtual reality (VR) introduces further demands on these constraints since much of the gameplay and user interaction relies on a range of external cameras or sensors.

Arm technology is at the heart of the majority of smartphones and other portable gaming devices, enabling the mobile gaming revolution we see today. We recently partnered with Fast Travel Games, a VR games studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, to explore how to bring their successful debut title Apex Construct to mobile.

Figure 1: Apex Construct

Figure 1: Apex Construct

Apex Construct in a nutshell

Apex Construct is an action/adventure game offering a narrative-driven VR experience, with a balanced combination of combat, exploration and puzzle solving. Armed with a bow, the player takes the role of a human returning to Earth after an apocalyptic event that tore the planet apart, leaving it shattered and with no organic life.