• 24 Apr 2017

    Picture perfect: Driving next-generation image processing for automotive

    The automobile is no longer a metal box with four wheels that gets you from A to B. As technology has evolved, vehicles have become a dynamic platform for innovation which is changing the driver experience and taking us closer to the reality of truly autonomous driving.
    • 20 Apr 2017

    Optimizing Virtual Reality: Understanding foveated rendering

    Introduction In the previous part of this series , we discussed the advantages of the multiview extension and how it could help you tackle problems encountered while making an application for mobile virtual reality. Now chances are your application is no longer CPU but GPU bound - more precisely fragment bound; the time you are taking to shade a pixel is too important for the budget you have. With the appearance of...
    • 31 Mar 2017

    What makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 superphone so super?

    This week saw the day that myself and my fellow phone geeks have been waiting for, the launch of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 . The successor to the awesome Galaxy S7, which was named Best Smartphone of 2016 at the recent Mobile World Congress, the S8 has some big shoes to fill. So, how will it do it? The S7 was based on the Exynos 8890, Samsung’s high performance SOC built on a 14nm FinFET process...
    • 14 Mar 2017

    ARM Compute Library for computer vision and machine learning now publicly available!

    Emerging technologies like machine learning (ML), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and computer vision (CV) are providing fantastic opportunities for innovation and business growth across the whole ARM ecosystem and in all market segments.
    • 12 Mar 2017

    Unofficial patches for Mali Midgard GPU r16p0 kernel drivers on 4.11.0-rcX kernels

    Greetings, Here's a list of unofficial patches required to compile the r16p0 version of the Mali Midgard GPU Kernel device drivers , after including them in 4.11.0-rcX kernels : https://github.com/Miouyouyou/MyyQi/blob/master/patches/Mali/r16p0-0...
    • 3 Mar 2017

    GDC u next year...

    It’s Friday and GDC17 is officially almost over for another year. After information overload from a host of brilliant talks and speakers it was back to the ARM booth to check out our demos, catch up with some partners and share our Dev tools with the masses. The guys have done an awesome job this year and the stand looks great. We’ve been giving away pins and t-shirts featuring our CircuitVR robot friend and...
    • 2 Mar 2017

    GDC17 Day 2 sessions: Graphics quality, optimizations and more Vulkan!

    Another beautiful day in San Francisco and it’s back to Moscone West for more awesome expertise from across the game dev industry. Yesterday afternoon we joined Epic and Oculus to hear how the collaboration between Unreal Engine, Oculus and ARM can support developers in creating super high quality VR content . As they said right off the bat, mobile is a much more challenging platform than console or PC so it’s...
    • 2 Mar 2017

    GDC17 Day 1 sessions: VR, Vulkan & more VR!

    It’s finally here, GDC 17 is underway! After a minor mishap with some ligaments, my expo-walking, booth-reviewing GDC plans have had to be slightly readjusted, but if nothing else, immobility means the opportunity to sit in on all the awesome talks my heart desires. If you’ve read any of my other blogs you probably know I’m something of a VR enthusiast. My last blog dedicated to the future of the...
    • 28 Feb 2017

    GDC’17: Developer resources released

    One of the strengths of ARM is the resources we invest in nurturing the developer ecosystem using the ARM architecture. Mobile graphics developers are really important to us and the Game Developer Conference (#GDC17) is the place where graphics developers gather to learn about the latest rendering techniques, developer tools and platform device features, so that they can build their next generation game apps. The resources...
    • 28 Feb 2017

    Welcome to GDC17!

    Welcome one and all to my favourite time of year, GDC time! Once again we’re back in San Francisco amongst the best and brightest of the global game development industry to bring you all the very latest tech, tools, tips and tricks to help you build the standout games of 2017. Right from the flight over you can guarantee half your fellow passengers are heading to the same event and we even had an impromptu galley...
    • 28 Feb 2017

    Evolution of mobile gaming

    Gone are the days when gaming was the sole domain of your PC or console, these days just about everyone with a phone has gamed on the go in some form or another. The earliest iterations of mobile gaming were run on the CPU and hit our hands with the likes of the near-indestructible Nokia 6110. This was the first handset to come with Snake pre-installed and we all thought it was awesome (Ok I’m showing my age, don’t...
    • 28 Feb 2017

    Come and join us at the GDC’17 talk: “Get the Most from Vulkan in Unity with Practical Examples from Infinite Dreams”

    The talk shows the Vulkan benefits in terms of performance, energy consumption and battery life. The experience of the Unity team in implementing the Vulkan renderer is discussed.
    • 27 Feb 2017

    MGD integration in Unity

    In this blog we describe the new simplified steps to build an OpenGL ES Unity application with MGD support. We also describe the steps to build a Vulkan Unity application with MGD support.
    • 27 Feb 2017

    Building an Unreal Engine application with Mali Graphics Debugger support (UE 4.15 onwards)

    With Unreal Engine 4.15, Epic introduced the ability to directly enable profiling on mobile devices from the editor. In a previous blog article, we discussed how to enable this feature on pre 4.15 engine versions, the following content applies to 4.15 onwards.
    • 27 Feb 2017

    GDC’17: Top four leading edge talk topics from ARM

    This year, ARM has partnered with several of our gaming ecosystem partners to cover the top four topics for any mobile game developer in four different talks at GDC.
    • 23 Feb 2017

    Mali: More than mobile

    Think Mali, think mobile, right? Well, whilst Mali did indeed begin life as a mobile GPU , the story didn’t end there. As device demands and Mali capabilities grow, we see more and more innovative use cases requiring a dedicated, high quality GPU. From wearables to VR headsets we’ve talked a lot about these exciting, recent products, but one of the lesser known areas in which Mali is a silent stalwart is something...
    • 22 Feb 2017

    Watch your weight: demonstrating machine learning and computer vision on your smartphone at Mobile World Congress

    You would have heard a lot about computer vision and machine learning recently, important technologies that are playing a major role in making your mobile handset more intelligent, personal, and useful.
    • 10 Feb 2017

    Patches for Mali Midgard GPU r16p0 kernel drivers on 4.10.0-rcX kernels

    Here's a list of patches required to compile the Mali Midgard GPU Kernel device drivers, after including them in 4.10.0-rcX kernels
    • 6 Feb 2017

    Virtual Reality for education goes top of the class

    Last year, when Virtual Reality (VR) was just emerging once again, we speculated about the fantastic opportunities the technology presents for all sorts of industries. From sightseeing to trauma treatment to gaming, the potential of VR was obvious, so it’s no surprise that as we head into 2017 we’re seeing some awesome, innovative applications hitting the market. UK based company Avantis have been supporting...
    • 26 Jan 2017

    Virtually evolving: The next stage of mobile VR

    In 2016 we saw Virtual Reality hit the headlines all over again with a brand new wave of devices, applications and improvements on previous incarnations. With devices now shipping across dozens of manufacturers, price points and levels, it’s time to look at what happens next.
    • 25 Jan 2017

    GDC2017: What not to miss!

    With the new year now a distant memory the thoughts of the ARM Mali team turn to the next big event on the horizon: GDC . Every year, global game developers and industry gurus gather in San Francisco for the world’s largest Game Developer’s Conference . Featuring a vast exhibition and a range of speaking tracks, all the industry players demonstrate the very latest in gaming, development, virtual reality...
    • 12 Jan 2017

    Patched glmark2 usable with Mali Midgard DRM drivers r12p0.

    I would like to share a glmark2 git tree with a personal patch that helps running the benchmarks in DRM mode , with the Mali Midgard Wayland/DRM OpenGL drivers r12p0 . Meaning running the benchmark directly, from the console. This expects that your current kernel has a usable 2D DRM driver integrated . Note that this patched version is not necessary when running the benchmarks from X11 or wayland , but only when running...
    • 12 Jan 2017

    What is it like working with ARM Mali GPU partners and customers worldwide!?

    I joined ARM in 2010 when ARM's Mali GPU line of products was still quite new. My first assignment was to ensure one of the first smart devices that included a Mali450 GPU was able to boot Google's Android operating system, rea...
    • 10 Jan 2017

    Unofficial patches to adapt the Mali r15p0-00rel0 drivers on 4.10-rc3 Linux kernels

    I'm currently building 4.10-rcX Linux kernels for MiQi devices (RK3288 ARMv7 boards), integrating the latest Mali Kernel drivers r15p0-00rel0 . In order to integrate these drivers, various patches are required due to changes in the internal kernel ABI. I'll attach the main patch, targeting the Mali drivers in itself, to this post. First patch (attached to this post) Adapted the Midgard kernel driver...
    • 10 Jan 2017

    Unofficial patches to adapt the Mali r15p0-00rel0 drivers on 4.10-rc3 Linux kernels

    I'm currently building 4.10-rcX Linux kernels for MiQi devices (RK3288 ARMv7 boards), integrating the latest Mali Kernel drivers r15p0-00rel0 . In order to integrate these drivers, various patches are required due to changes in the internal kernel ABI. I'll attach the main patch, targeting the Mali drivers in itself, to this post. First patch (attached to this post) Adapted the Midgard kernel driver...