Chip optimizations for an even better Wikitude SDK

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    Chip optimizations for an even better Wikitude SDK


    It’s no secret that augmented reality requires a lot computational power on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. Wikitude’s computer vision algorithms running in the background demand the utmost performance from the device and its internal components, while consumers enjoy the front end AR experiences of the more than 1,000 published apps utilizing the Wikitude SDK. The chip inside mobile devices is where it all happens.

    The challenge here is that these semi-conductors and the hardware around them are different from device to device. Naturally, the performance and experience may slightly vary from one smartphone to another. As our goal is to provide the best possible augmented reality tools to our customers, we’ve taken the initiative to optimize our augmented reality software and algorithms for the most popular chip sets available.


    If you follow the mobile chip industry, you’ve probably heard of ARM, the company that provides the chip intellectual property for most mobile devices on the market today. Wikitude’s current SDK has been compiled to run on the ARM® architecture and is optimized for ARM NEONTM SIMD technology. The results are amazing, we see significant performance improvements to our image recognition, better tracking, more fluid 3D content rendering as well as less battery consumption.

    “As complicated as it may sound, you do not need to worry about any of this actually” says Martin Lechner, Wikitude’s CTO, “Wikitude is doing all the heavy lifting for you while you can concentrate on building great AR apps. Our mission remains unchanged: We will continue to build the best AR tools in the world for you!”




    “Augmented reality is a processor intensive technology and developers are pushing the industry for best-in-class solutions to help optimize quality and energy efficiency,” said Roberto Mijat, ARM’s Visual Computing Marketing Manager. Wikitude have taken the initiative by specifically optimizing for the ARM® NEONTM architecture and the community should realize some key benefits as a result.”

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