ARM TechCon 2014 Call for Papers - Extended to May 22

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    Call for Papers Open Now to May 22


    It’s the 10th amazing year of ARM® TechCon™, and this year we’re celebrating the forward-thinking spirit of the ARM Powered® consumer and ARM embedded innovations. As the future promises a continually evolving lifestyle based on interconnectivity, the ARM architecture and its extensive Ecosystem Partners are igniting rapid innovation in every aspect of life and business. The core of that innovation is connected intelligence, and ARM is its premier design platform. Connect with more than 3,000 attendees from the ARM community and share your intelligence by answering this call for papers.

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    Speaking submissions that grab the technical committee’s attention are:

    • Technical and reveal new ways of thinking about and applying ARM in embedded systems
    • Exclusive content you have created specifically for ARM TechCon
    • Real-world case studies in which ARM technology is incorporated in a project, innovative application, or a solution to a technical challenge in an end product, including a detailed discussion of the trade-offs and choices made (and why) during the design process
    • And, especially, infused with a hands-on demonstration illustrating key technical principles that engage the audience in a creative or interactive way

    In order to submit your proposal by May 22, go to ARM TechCon Call for Submissions and follow the instructions.

    Tracks this year include:

    • Chip Implementation
    • Debugging
    • Graphics
    • Heterogeneous Computing
    • New Frontiers
    • Power Efficiency
    • Safety and Security
    • Software (Development and Optimization)
    • Software Goals for Infrastructure and Cloud
    • System Design
    • Verification

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your insights and knowledge on designing ARM-based devices. We look forward to seeing you October 1-3 in Santa Clara at ARM TechCon 2014!


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