Macnica Americas SoC Design Workshops

Version 1


    The 2014 Free Macnica Americas virtual workshops can teach you the key aspects of designing with Cyclone V SoC devices including tool setup, processor and FPGA hardware usage, power management, operating systems, debug tools, and video/graphics processing including Android and custom hardware acceleration together on an SoC FPGA. Even if you attended our vWorkshops last year, you can attend sessions you missed or would like to see again. The workshop recordings are also available for viewing on-demand after each session is held and can be viewed in any order.

    The workshops can be attended live and students can follow along using their own Mpression Helio View kit, which is available for purchase online from the Macnica Americas web site at

    Check out our video showing different methods of doing graphics acceleration using the Helio View Cyclone V SoC kit at

    Live workshop presentations begin on March 25, 2014. For complete course descriptions, agendas, schedule of sessions, and links to registration, visit