Demo video of 230VAC PMSM Motor control using Industry's highly integrated Power Application Controller (PAC)™ Family ICs based on ARM core

Version 1

    Watch High voltage 3-phase PMSM Motor control (using FOC) demo with PAC5250 IC from Active-Semi's Power Application Controller (PAC)™ Family.

    PAC5250 based HV AC Motor FOC Control - YouTube


    Active-Semi's Power Application Controller (PAC)™ Family of ICs offer highly optimized SoC IC solutions with integrated ARM Cortex MCU, power management, analog front-end, PWMs, Timers, data converters, and gate drivers to support power applications such as Wireless power, motor control (BLDC, high-voltage ACIM & PMSM), power inverters, high voltage system controllers to name a few.


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