Glyton Solutions Company Overview

Version 2

    Glyton is an embedded solutions provider with expertise on design and development of both bare metal firmware and HLOS application stack (Android / IOS) for  wearables and Internet Of Things.


    Team at Glyton has developed a complete product package including


    Customized firmware for several ARM Cortex M based wearable / IOT system on chip prototypes from leading vendors

    Android / IOS based smartphone stack & applications for syncing  and representing data to end user from wearable/IOT device

    Profiling both power & performance to identify crucial bottlenecks at both firmware on wearable products and HLOS application stack to enhance user experience and products battery life


    Glyton has also partnered with ARM as AATP (ARM Accreditation Training Partner) for delivering ARM accreditation training in India. As an AATP team at Glyton offers customized training solutions for students, fresh engineering graduates and entry - mid level professionals in embedded domain.