STM32 Nucleo: the ideal platform for embedded developers

Version 2

    Teaser_Nucleo2.pngST is launching today the new low-cost STM32 development boards delivering a unique combination among ARM Cortex-M based microcontroller dev boards:

    • accessibility of an mbed platform
    • vast and easy extensibility by providing headers to Arduino shields and direct connectivity to microcontroller peripherals

      make creation more fluid with STM32 Nucleo

    Flexible prototyping

    Affordable STM32 boards sharing the same association scheme (headers+connectors)

    Reduction of financial risks through easy  HW/SW tuning
    Benefit from Open Hardware initiatives

    Unlimited extension capability

    Instant access to a large ecosystem of peripheral shields (Arduino)

    Simply expose the entire STM32 portfolio to development communities

    Extension shields are compatible with all STM32 Nucleo flavors at once

    Free access to mbed online IDE at


    STM32 Nucleo are launched on the occasion of Embedded World, for a free board get your STM32 Nucleo vouchers 
    and visit us in Nuremberg Hall 4-160

    Nucleo boards for every STM32 product lines will be introduced during Q2 2014.   more detailed  info here