MicroModeler Company Overview

Version 1

    MicroModeler specialize in web-based modelling and code generation software, targetting ARM based embedded systems.


    Our initial product, Micromodeler DSP is a Digital Filter IDE and the fastest way to add a digital filter to your ARM based project. What was once a complex and mathematical process can now be achieved visually, graphically and interactively. Choose from a variety of digital filters and drag one to your application. Use the handles and controls to adjust the filter's frequency response, then copy & paste the automatically generated code into your project. Code can be generated in C, mixed C and ARM assembly, or C using the CMSIS DSP libraries.


    Future MicroModeler products hope to focus on schematic based code generation for embedded systems, driven by graphical systems modeling software.


    Our goal is to take care of the more difficult but routine aspects of embedded systems development, leaving you with more time to focus on your project.