Wikitude Studio

Version 1

    Wikitude Studio, the fully web-based content management system for augmented reality content.

    The Wikitude Studio allows the upload of target images and the positioning, scaling and design of the augmentations attached to a particular target image. The entire UI is heavily based on the drag-and-drop UI principle. Anytime during the creation process of the augmentations, the Studio user can easily test the result of his changes on the mobile device. Studio allows the developer to host his data in the Wikitude Cloud, or to download the generated AR experience to include it in his own application. In addition, he can download the project as a prepared Android or iOS project template, which only needs to be build and submitted to the application stores.



    The portal where Studio is hosted is running in Liferay, a powerful web solution where lots of our backend processes happen. The front-end of Studio is all written in pure HTML, JavaScript and CSS, without the need for any browser plugins, Applets or Flash players. Since Studio is an interactive frontend-heavy application, we looked at various JavaScript frontend libraries and decided to go with AngularJS, a JavaScript MVC library developed within Google.

    AngularJS, as with other MVC libraries, relies heavily on the separation of the data (Model), the presentation (View) and the business logic (Controller) of the application.

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