Wikitude SDK

Version 3

    The Wikitude SDK is a powerful Augmented Reality Library, covering all required functions of a immersive and scalable augmented reality experience. It contains a highly optimized computer vision engine (MusketIR), a flexible and light-weight content-creation API, a 3D rendering engine and a number of plugins for more efficient application development around the Wikitude SDK.


    The Wikitude SDK enables two different kinds of Augmented Reality, geo-based AR and computer-vision-based AR. While the first is using location sensors like GPS, a magnetic compass, accelerometer and gyroscopes to determine what objects should be presented to the user, the latter is relying on analyzing the camera stream delivered by the handset to detect well-known patterns, which are then used to project objects on top of these patterns.


                    geo-based AR scenario            computer-vision-based AR scenario

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