enModus Company Overview

Version 1

    enModus is a UK-based Smart Home technology company. The company's core technology, Wattwave, is a unique powerline communications protocol designed to be the robust, efficient and secure communications backbone for the Smart Home.


    Unlike competing wireless and wired technologies, Wattwave offers the long-range, robust, low cost and easy-to-embed communications needs of smart appliances, lighting and heating controls. As a powerline-based technology, Wattwave is far less susceptible to signal interference and propagation issues in homes, and it was designed from the ground up to offer unparalleled range. Wattwave is also ten times cheaper to embed than competing technologies such as ZigBee, making it a very attractive proposition for OEMs looking to develop connected Smart Home devices, in particular lower cost devices such as LED light bulbs or smartplugs. Four patents are pending on core principles of Wattwave, offering enModus strong IP protection.