CodecPro Company Overview

Version 1

    CodecPro are experts in the implementation and optimization of standard speech and audio codecs for a wide range of processors and environments, especially ARM embedded, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android. At CodecPro, our mission is to maintain our excellence in low bit rate, high-quality speech and audio codec implementations for today’s and tomorrow’s mobile, wireline, and IP networks; communication systems; and devices, consumer electronics, and toys. CodecPro was founded by former employees of VoiceAge Corporation. The CodecPro team has many years of experience in the development of highly efficient, small-footprint speech and audio codec implementations; performance and algorithmic optimizations for ARM and DSP; and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of platforms and processors. We combine specialist knowledge of the standards, speech coding and compression, and platforms and architectures with a commitment to delighting our customers worldwide through the quality of our products and the responsiveness of our staff.


    CodecPro is engaged in providing speech and audio codec implementations and solutions to customers across the global market. We focus our efforts on these activities:

    - Codec Solutions; Adapting standard codecs to custom environments and optimizing codecs for specific processors.

    - ARM Optimizations; Optimizing standard speech and audio codecs for ARM processors, including algorithm optimizations.

    - iOS and Android Implementations; Delivering implementations for the most popular mobile operating systems.


    CodecPro customers are innovators who leverage the benefits of standardized speech technologies into the design and development of a wide range of goods and services supporting communication. Their products include:

    - Handsets, tablets, electronic devices, toys, and digital cameras

    - Content creation, such as audio books

    - Mobile, wireline, and streaming infrastructure and service platforms

    - Voice over IP

    - Enterprise communication products and services - teleconferencing, video conferencing, unified communications

    - Call center/contact center applications, including call monitoring, recording, and playback, and integrated solutions

    - Streaming, video games, audio processing applications

    - Voice interfaces, such as voice annotation software

    - Speech quality test and measurement systems