Macnica Americas Company Overview

Version 3

    Macnica Americas is a fully franchised semiconductor distributor covering North America with expertise in design services, IP, applications support, and logistics. We are a division of Macnica Inc, a $2.4B global leader in semiconductor distribution and design services.

    Macnica Americas field based engineers are supported by our centralized design & applications engineering teams. Macnica Americas design services are located in San Diego, CA., and offer partial or full turnkey design of FPGAs, related power supplies as well as complete PCB design. Our expertise includes all aspects of high speed communications protocols and networking, video broadcast, signal processing and storage applications. Macnica America's specialty is high density, high speed complex FPGA designs utilizing multiple IP cores with fast time to market requirements.

    Macnica Americas specializes in helping engineers get started doing embedded design using the Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGAs with ARM Cortex-A9 processors. Using the Helio View development platform and vWorkshop training modules, Macnica Americas jump-starts your Altera SoC design.

    Macnica Americas can help you deliver a winning project with our unique combination of technical support, IP technology, and design services.