PSoC 4

Version 14

    PSoC® 4 is Cypress's ARM-based PSoC, featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+ cores combined with PSoC's unique programmable mixed-signal hardware IP and CapSense, resulting in the industry's most flexible and scalable low-power mixed-signal architecture.



    PSoC 4000 parts are cost-optimized, entry-level PSoC 4 devices with an ARM® Cortex™-M0 and M0+ cores providing 32-bit performance along with PSoC value added features such as CapSense® and flexible peripherals to an evolving market. These include the PSoC 4 S-Series (4000S) and the basic PSoC 4000.


    PSoC 4100 adds to the basic PSoC 4 architecture, intelligent analog integration through Programmable Analog Blocks. Programmable Analog Blocks are hardware modules which can be configured to create custom Analog Front Ends (AFEs) and signal conditioning circuits with opamps and filters. Parts in this family include PSoC 4 BLE-Series(4100BL), PSoC 4 M-Series (4100M), PSoC 4 S-Series (4100S) and the basic PSoC 4100.


    PSoC 4200 parts boost the flexibility and performance of the PSoC 4 portfolio, by adding Cypress’s unique Programmable Digital Blocks. Programmable Digital Block feature Universal Digital Blocks which can be configured to implement custom peripherals and glue logic with flexible CPLD functionality. Parts in this family include PSoC 4 L-Series (4200L), PSoC 4 M-Series (4200M), PSoC 4 BLE-Series (4200BL) and the basic PSoC 4200.


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    32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 PSoC 4


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