Ways to Search or Filter Company or Products

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    Welcome to ARM Next Generation Online Connected Community! It’s the place that makes it easier for developers to find information for ARM-based designs, applications and projects. It is an interactive platform for all end users, media and partners of the ecosystem.


    If you are searching company or products, here are some tips to start with the Community. We hope you will enjoy your explore, please feel free to register and be part of ARM Community member.


    There are two ways to look for a partner / product by search or filter.


    1. Search


    If you are looking for  a particular company / processor, please use the search box on top right.

    Here you can type your search item e.g. Freescale, Cortex-A57, Mali-T604 etc

    The company search results will be under [Places] for company space; under [Content] [People] which mentioned / tagged your search company

    The product search results will be site-wide under [content], most of them has been posted by our partners & ARM community managers


                       search company.png                      search product.png

    2. Filter by Company, Processor Family, Major Architecture or Country (of HQ) etc


    You may find all partner places under Find a Partner button.


    In the Type to filter by text box below please type company / product family (e.g. Cortex-A, Mali), country (of HQ) etc. The results will be shown. As you type more words the results will narrow. [Tech note: this is just filtering metadata stored against the partner space, not the content the partner has provided on their products - for that see option 1 above]