Are You New To The ARM Connected Community?

Version 3

    First, Welcome!

    We recognise the interface is rich in functionality, so please allow us to give you an introduction!


    How Does The Community Work?

    You have three fundamentals: Content (docs, blogs...), Members, and Communities (the info containers). In everything you do on the community, you will encounter these 3 pillars. For more on this, have a look at Why a Community is Different From a Standard Website?


    How Is Information Organised, How Do I Find Content?

    First, you can use the spotlight search at the top right of every page for an instant site-wide search. This is the easiest way to find content regardless of the page you are on.

    The Community Information Architecture - How is it Organised will give you an idea of structure. Community Contacts and Abuse Report tells you about the people!

    If you have a question and don't know where to post it, just create your question in Ask a Question. Anyone can answer and If it needs moved, a community manager will do it so don't hesitate.


    How Do I Consume Information?

    By subscription and by proxy.

    As the community grows it will be difficult for someone to read all the content, so you let everyone else help you, you rely on your network! Have a look at the illustration of content discovery. Your activity streams are available in Inbox and Activity (click on your name at top right to display the menu).

    I recommend creating a couple of custom streams. Leave the default Connection Streams, which will be the fire hose of everything you subscribe to (=follow). Create one stream for what you want immediate notification about, and another one for general interest. It gives you a base of 4 streams:

    1. Connections Stream: the default one with everything you follow,
    2. Important: email notification of what you want to know straight away,
    3. General Interests: you will come and have a look at the stream when you have the time,
    4. Inbox: emails when someone interacts with you or your content.


    Don't forget that streams are digests. Click on the content title to see the information in context and mark correct answers.


    Any Help To Start Contributing, Creating Content?

    Here are a few documents to start with. The full list of faq,tip, guide is available in Community Help.