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    Tagging your content is important. It allows you to tell the search and recommendation engine what is important in your document.

    Card_tag_.jpgThe search indexes the full text, but by adding tags to your content, you can emphasize what is the most important in your content.

    We should all tag every piece of content, including discussions. Community owners scan through their community to clean up, correct and add tags accordingly but it is up to us all to help.


    When you tag your content, please only use singular (processor and not processors). Not having to tag both singular and plural will save everybody time.


    Note: all tags below are separated by spaces. Also note the mix of underscores and hyphens. For ARM product families and products, where the use of the hyphen is ingrained, the tags use hyphens, e.g. cortex-a or cortex-m3. For other terms, where a single tag is required use underscores, e.g. arm_processor_licensee or application_software. Note that the tags application-software and application_software are different for a tag search.


    ARM Product Family, Architecture and Technology

    mali mali-t600 cortex-m cortex-r cortex-a cortex-a50  arm7 arm9 arm11 securcore

    armv4 armv5 armv6 armv6-m armv7 armv7-m armv8 armv8-R armv8-A

    trustzone neon simd amba axi axi4 ahb vfp vfpv1 vfpv3

    physical_ip artisan





    ARM Products

    mali-300 mali-400 mali-450 mali-t604 mali-t678 mali-t628 mali-t624 sc000 sc300

    cortex-a5 cortex-a7 cortex-a8 cortex-a9 cortex-a12 cortex-a15 cortex-a53 cortex-a57

    cortex-r4 cortex-r5 cortex-r7

    cortex-m0 cortex-m0+ cortex-m1 cortex-m3 cortex-m4

    corelink coresight

    ds-5 development studio mdk-arm cmsis fast_models armcc

    standard_cells pop i/o

    nanoservices nanostack nanorouter nanoplatform

    mbed-hdk mbed-sdk


    General Product, Technology, and Services

    development_tool_hardware silicon development tool hardware soc_design tool_distributor

    software development_tool_software application_software middleware eda_tool eda sw_design operating_system os rtos gnu gcc compiler linker debugger trace library bsp model open_source

    oem odm operator semicon fabless foundry ip_provider emulator evb ref_design programmer jtag swd logic_analyzer

    ide c++ c_language asm debugger simulation verification validation esl rtl back_end soc_services sw_services arm_tools arm_esl_tools graphics audio video communications database power_management security drivers vm virtual_machine

    training education consortia distributor

    processor gpu mcu microcontroller fpga codec dsp

    design memory finfet logic cmos 16nm 14nm implementation soc i/o standard_cells

    docsis lte hspa wdma moca cdma



    embedded iot internet_of_things server automotive industrial consumer wearables

    gui kernel real-time software m2m lighting audio gpu_compute gpgpu graphics gpu

    android wince wec java linux oss opengl_es opencl openvg opencv qnx threadx vxworks windows_mobile winmo winrt free-rtos mqx rtx

    html5 web2.0 javascript web browser chrome chromeos firefox firefoxos nodejs jit

    dlna cvp2


    switzerland taiwan united_arab_emirates uk usa czech_republic spain ...



    When not in English, it would be useful to tag the content language so non-English speakers can more easily find content in their language. You could also tag your profile with the languages people can use with you...

    japanese 日本語 chinese 中文 français deutsch ...


    Type of Content

    tutorial white_paper event presentation


    Special Tags

    arm_approved_training_center: for use by ARM Approved Training Centers and their approved training only

    arm_processor_licensee: for use by ARM processor licensees and their products only

    arm_mali_licensee: for use by ARM Mali graphics processor licensees and their product only

    ess embedded_software_store: for use by content linked to the Avnet Embedded Software Store.

    arm_accredited_engineer aae aame: these are for use by people who passed the ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) qualification or for AAE related content.

    community_owner: reserved for users responsible for one or several places within the community.

    community_manager: reserved for users looking after the overall community. A community manager may also be a community owner.

    system_admin: reserved for users looking after the platform settings and configuration.