Arm donates Arm NN to Linaro's Machine Intelligence Initiative

In September 2018, Linaro launched the Machine Intelligence Initiative. The aim of the initiative is to reduce fragmentation, and minimize duplication of efforts while enabling SoC and NN vendors to differentiate with their key competitive advantage. This will all be achieved through open-source collaboration with Linaro and other ecosystem partners. In support of the initiative, Arm has donated Arm NN, Arm's neural network machine learning (ML) software.

In this video, Jem Davies (VP, Fellow and GM, Machine Learning Group at Arm), Rob Elliot (Director of  Applied Machine Learning, Arm), Mark Charlebois (Director of Engineering, QCT, Qualcomm) and Andrea Gallo (VP Segment Groups and Strategic Initiatives, Linaro) talk about the Linaro Machine Intelligence Initiative, Arm NN and the need for open-source collaboration and open governance.