What is the maximum available SWD speed for Silabs's BGM13 modules?

I have Silab's JLINK PRO OB debugger probe (WSTK inludes this), which has maximum available clock speed of 8MHz.

Target MCU is BGM13P22F512GA, which runs on freq of 38.4MHz.

I am using Keil MDK Pro 5.30.

When I connect a Silabs's JLINK PRO OB debugger probe, which has maximum SWD speed of 8MHz, I get speed result of 50MHz here for BGM13S22F512GA. BGM13S22F512GA runs on 38.4MHz core clock.

Does it mean, if I see freq of 50MHz here then does MCU support 50MHz, so if I replace my JLINK PRO OB probe to any other high speed probes e.g. ULINK PRO / JLINK PRO, then this speed will be available to me even if MCU has speed of 38.4MHz internal clock?

Is there any correlation between maxiumum SWD speed and used MCU core clock?


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