Is there a way to compile for x86 to run the code under windows ?

I'd like to compile my application in windows targeting the x86 or x86_64

Final goal is to import the code in SL via C-caller


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  • use the same keil project and just change the target.

    As noted, Keil/ARM do not provide an x86 targetted compiler - so it won't be a matter of just changing Target.

    You're going to have to look into how to integrate a 3rd-party compiler into uVision

    There is support for using the GCC compiler with uVision - so you might look at that for tips ...

    An option should be also move to MS Visual studio

    In which case you'd be looking for how to integrate a 3rd-party compiler with that. I think that should be fairly well documented; eg, Atmel (now Microchip) Studio is built on MS VS ...

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