Kinetis K60: code imported from TWR-K60D100M to circuit using MK60DX256VLL10

I have successfuly run Keil MDK codes provided in "SDK_2.2.0_TWR-K60D100M_board" on TWR-K60D100M-KIT. Now I am trying to write codes for my own design circuit which uses MK60DX256VLL10. In sample code of GPIO, PORTA11 in TWR-K60D100M is used to toggle LED on/off. Now in my own design circuit, same pin PORTA11 is used to toggle LED on/off. The problem is that the code is built successfuly in KEIL MDK 5.34 but when I press the debug button, the code debugs but instead of normal procedure (in which when debug is pressed, code enters in debug mode and you have to press RUN to run the code on your target ) the code shows RUN button as gray (as if without pressing the RUN button, code has entered RUN mode) but nothing happens on design circuit and when I press STOP button, the error appears ( error message is typed in bold as below to distiguish form my question)

Cannot access memory @0x2000fff8, Read, Acc Size: 4 Byte

Cannot access memory @0x2000fffc, Read, Acc Size: 4 Byte




Cannot access memory @0x20011f94, Read, Acc Size: 4 Byte 

I have tried to undesrstand this error. 20011f94 minus 2000fff8 = 1F9C = 8092 (decimal) = 8K memory.

Can anybody help me understand this error. Are there any special setting to change in code when exporting from TWR-K60D100M to  MK60DX256VLL10 (apart from target selection in Keil MDK). Project/Code is attached whic is very simple to understand so please have look at

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