How to enable Single Wire Output (SWO) for nRF52832


I am trying to enable SWO from nRF52832, built into U-Blox Nina B112. I am using Keil uVision5 with ULINK2 adapter, and Nordic PCA10040 S132. The clock is 64MHz.

I do not get any output in Keil Debug (printf) Viewer.

AI followed the application note "Nordic nrF52 PCA10040 Cortex-M4 Tutorial Serial Wire Viewer and ETM Instruction Trace" (aptn 308) page 17, but there is no output in the viewer.

The application note states that SWJ (Options > Debug > Settings > Debug) checkbox must be checked, but in my case it is grayed out. How to enable it?

For the 64 MHz core clock, do I enter 64 MHz or 32 MHz?

What should be the exact contents in nrF52_SWO.ini file (for 64 MHz clock, NRF52832, PCA10040, Nina B112)?


Michael Bankovitch

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