NXP LPC18xx sleep mode

Hi guys!

I'm looking for an example how to disable the power of all peripherals of LPC1833 (except both CAN controllers) before putting MCU into sleep mode. According to NXP's data sheet the power consumption must be around 9mA @3.3v in this mode. With both CAN enabled this should be slightly more. 

If I understand, this mode is a simple __WFI(). My measurements are about 140mA, I'm measuring @ VBat 14V. There is 14V -> 5V linear low drop regulator, then another low drop from 5V -> 3.3v. Something is wrong, this is way too much for sleep mode. We need to exit this sleep mode on any CAN activity so both deep sleep / power down modes will not work on current hardware (I imagine we need to route one of CAN transceiver RX line to one of WAKE pins to detect the state change). But I would be happy to have the power consumption around 10mA-15mA at VBat.

Thanks all!

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