Keil3 and Jenkins

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to perform multi target build from command line and it's working if I execute lines from CMD, but when I try from Jenkins there is no response at all.

stage('buildLR_ST401C_HW_1_3') {
steps {
bat label: '', script: '''cd C:\\MCSoftware\\Jenkins\\Home\\workspace\\MDK-ARMSVN Meter18 LR\\trunk
C:\\Keil\\uv3\\Uv3 -b "Meter18 LR.Uv2" -t "Meter18LR_ST401C_HW_1_3" -o "C:\\Temp\\logLR_ST401C_HW_1_3.txt"
@IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 1 EXIT /b 0'''

I'm using the same procedure for Keil 5 and it's working fine.

Also, I can't manage to clean targets using option -c.

Any advice is welcome.

Kind Regards,


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