Execute Debug Code in SDRAM

If interested (and you are here.....) attached is my base project to load debug code to SDRAM and debug from SDRAM.  I have included a couple of pages from our schematic to show the bus connection. 


- device is STM32F4

- specifically, STM32F429NI

- SDRAM at 0xD0000000

- debug.ini file sets up the FMC, FPU, MPU

- FPU is set up as the project has RTX enabled and it crashes if the FPU is not initialised before calling main (in normal circumstances there would be a call to SystemInit which would set up the FPU before branching to the init code before main()

- MPU is set up as a 4G block enabled across the entire device: the MPU was causing IACCVIOL even though the MPU was disabled.  Enabling it fixed the problem

- FMC is set up using my code SystemInit_ExtMemory: I just transposed the C code across to script-style _WDWORD() code

Keil and ST: poor show that you don't provide sample projects for this.


U3 Debug_SDRAM.rar

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