nRF: How to add SoftDevice to existing application in Keil 5?

Saying I have some application for nRF52832 that does it's job, and now I want to add Bluetooth LE functionality to it.

I enabled S132 soft device in runtime settings, but how do I include S132 into my project so it's available there?

I tried to compare my project with examples in nRF5 SDK, and I see that examples have two targets in .uvprojx file, one for main app and another for the softdevice; though Keil UI only displays main app target in a project tree. So a softdevice is a kind of hidden target in the example app. But I do not see which settings in Keil UI respond for that.

So, how do I add it as a similar target to my existing app?

What else is necessary to enable it in my code?

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