Single Use License Expiration


My single user license expires in 2mo. I'd like to know, when it expires If can I still continue to compile programs greater than 32k with my current installation? Is the expiration for support only ?


  • You will want to talk to Keil, but I think it depends on the license you bought.

    There is a "perpetual" license, which does not expire.  Support expires for this, but when the time for your support expires you can still use the tool as installed.  You are not entailed to updates to the tool at this point but you can still build using up to the last version supported by your license.

    If you have a 1 year license, when it expires you are no longer entailed to use the license.  You will not be able to build with the features of the license that you had. It essentially becomes a MDK-Lite license at that point.

    Once again, this really a Keil, but I believe unless you have the perpetual license, it will end on that date.

  • You will want to talk to Keil


    You should have contact details from when you initially acquired the licence?

    Otherwise, they are at the foot of every page on the Keil site.

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