nrf52833 on micro:bit v2 programming in C/C++

Has anybody had any success at programming the new BBC microb:bit V2 which has a nrf52833 device and a CMSIS:DAP interface, from Keil?

My intention was to try and get a BLE Mesh network demo but I'm not having much luck. I've tried creating a very simple project in Keil and can't even reach my main function in the simulator never mind programming the actual device.  The only success I've had a programming was using the Lancaster University microbit-v2-samples from Github but there are no BLE examples included. I've also tried a port on Zephyr without success and had no luck with MBed Studio. Has anybody got any working C/C++ projects for the microbit:v2 in Keil, Mbed studio / Zephyr that they could share, ideally with BLE? However something, anything that could compile the programme the board from Keil would be useful.

Many thanks

  • To answer my own question about getting started with Keil on the BBC Micro:Bit V2 which is based on the nrF52833 the best starting point seems to be nRF5_SDK from Nordic (I'm using v 17.0.2). In the examples there are some for the pca10100 which I think is the nRF52833 DK which is normally programmed using the Segger interface. The Micro:Bit V2 has a CMSIS:DAP Interface. What needs changing is the memory mapping for the Device I set IROM1 from 0x0 Size 0x80000 and IRAM1 from 0x20000000 Size 0x20000. For the Flash Download I used the nRF52xxx Algorithm. What made it work for me was increasing the RAM for Algorithm Size to 0x00004000 so it now flashes.

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