Driver CMSIS ESP32 and Network stack

I am currently working on the integration of the Keil Network stack in order to use an Ethernet (currently operational) and a WiFi link.

For the WiFi function, we have chosen a component that Keil says it supports (ESP32-Wrover).

In practice, I failed to use the WiFi driver and I have the impression that the ESP32 driver only works in by-pass mode. But this mode is not supported by the Keil Network stack (“The Network Component supports the WiFi interface modules that are operating in transparent mode.” On the WiFi Interface documentation).

Am I wrong?

The available examples on uVision Pack installer only test this driver by running the CMSIS driver validation stack.

What is the purpose of this driver if it cannot be used with the stack network?

Is it planned to future version of the stack network and/or the driver that would interface them?

(Do you have a roadmap?)

Best Regards,

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