Trying to change a hostname, believe it's in a compiled Library file.

Long story short, I have been thrown into a older design using Keil MDK-ARM Plus 5.28 and an LPC2388 ARM7 system, and I have very little Keil experience.  I don't have access to any of the original programmers for this stage of development either unfortunately.  A good example of being thrown into the deep end.

The task I am trying to do should be a pretty simple one.  I am trying to change the hostname and IP address of the device.  Essentially before this all started, the device ran off a hostname of "OldName", and had an IP address of 10.0.0.X.  I am just trying to change the hostname to "NewName" and the IP address to 10.0.0.XX

At first I thought this would be easy.  Just do a search of the Current Project for "OldName", and this led me to a Net_Config.c file that is part of the RL-ARM - TCPnet.  Here I changed the IP address, and the hostname to "NewName", did a " REBUILD ALL TARGET FILES " , and flashed my new firmware, but none of these attributes changed.  I had the same Hostname, and the same IP address to connect to the device.  There are no other references to the name "OldName" when I do a current project search.

Somewhere in the code it seems like it is referencing a hostname and IP address other then the ones in the Net_Config.C file.  The only files I don't seem to have direct access to open is a TCP_ARM_L.lib file, but it seems like this is a pre-compiled file and I don't know how to examine it closer.

To further complicate things my boss believes they eventually switched to a Middleware library to handle to ethernet functions of the device, but I honestly cannot figure out how to see if that is true or not. 

Hopefully someone here has some idea of what I am missing.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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