CMSIS-RTOS API v2 Multiple Event Flag Problem

Hello everyone,

I am developing an app on Stm32f429 which is irrelevand with my question. My question is about event flags. I have 3 threads. One of them is FreeMODBUS Slave poller task. It waits for an event which timer or uart posts. And my other task is doing some calculation every one second. 

Now, if i have only one osEventFlagsId_t, there is no problem. Modbus stack works perfectly. I can catch every event.

But if i add second osEventFlagsId_t from completly different file and relataed to different task (my calculator task), modbus stack stops working.

Is second osEventFlagsId_t effect my first osEventFlagsId_t? Is it possible?

I want to notify the task when an event occuered that i expected. How should i do this? Please don't tell me semaphores :) Looking for other ways if there is.

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