Switching cgi pages sent from the Keil webserver


I am using the Keil webserver on a Cortex M3 processor. The processor controls a piece of industrial equipment which contains a display screen which itself is processor controlled. The only use of the display is to fire up a web browser and connect to the keil webserver.

Up until now, I have only needed to display one dynamic web page - the default index.cgi, stored in ROM, but now, in response to an external event, I need to serve anothe page (another.cgi) in place of index.cgi.

There is no user input available to make this switch, so it needs to be done by the Cortex M3. I think it would be possible to use the cgi scripting to change the entire contents of index.cgi and not use "another.cgi", but would that mean serving the entire page to just update a small part of it? Apologies for my lack of knowledge, web servers are not really my area.

Any help much appreciated,


John M

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