ST based MCU Selection


Firstly, Thank you for providing this opportunity.

We were engaged in the development of Embedded System product based on Arduino Mega ADK (USB Host Microcontroller) and TI based TUSB2036 Hub. We have integrated a USB Keyboard, a Flash Drive and an External Printer (laser or dot matrix) using the software libraries found on GitHub. We have also interfaced a graphic LCD display to the host microcontroller using Soft SPI and a RFID module using Soft SPI. But the problem is, we have got performance issues and the USB devices are not operating perfectly and concurrently. So, we have decided to go on with ST based Host Microcontroller for this task. We are also looking for software libraries for Host Microcontroller to drive a keyboard, a flash drive and a printer via Hub at the same time. Considering the operation of a flash drive, we need to read data from files stored on flash drive and to create files with data on flash drive. We also need UART ports to read data from other general purpose microcontroller and to push data to external display board based on multiple digit seven segment displays. Moreover, there is a possibility to add more USB based devices like Barcode scanner etc.. etc.. in the future. Based on this, we are looking for a right ST based Host Microcontroller to accomplish this task.

So, I am requesting you for a suggestion on host microcontroller that best fits this application.

Thank You.


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