ISR not called or Jumping to incorrect address

I am using Keil as development environment for EFM32ZG110F32 controller from silicon labs. This is cortex M0+ core controller. I created project referring getting started manual of Keil and facing issue related to ISR for all types of interrupts - timer, RTC, EXTI. This microcontroller has on chip bootloader residing at 0x0 address of flash memory and occupies 2KB. I have programmed my application after address 0x800 (after 2KB size) as per documentation provided by silicon labs. In keil I have set IROM1 base address under options to 0x800. Though my application program executes well but it does not jump to ISR. I think there is some problem in vector table generation in start-up code. Do i have to manually set vector table with addresses of ISRs using NVIC_SetVector() API?

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