Reset and Run not working with STM32G0xx boards?

Hi all.

I've just started with STM32 controllers and Keil uVision seems to be a nicer IDE than Cube32IDE, just for code auto-completion if nothing else.

However, I'm having an issue with my Nucleo-32 development board, a Nucleo-32 G031 (STM32G031K8T6).

When I download code the board has to be physically reset by pulling the USB connector to kill power before the code will run. I have enabled the "reset and run" setting in the debugger configuration.

I also have a Nucleo-64 G071 (STM32G071RBT6) as well as a couple of F0 and F1 based boards and they all behave as I'd expect (after enabling reset and run).

However, I've no other Nucleo-32 boards so I don't know if this is an issue with the Nucleo-32 pinout, with the G0 range of MCUs or with the user (quite probable)

Any suggestions welcome.

  • Hi,

    experiencing a similar issue on STM32L4. The issue seems to be that no full reset is executed (even program startup is not properly executed as RW/ZI are not initialized). You could try to move Flash algorithm to your stack region, but I don't think this will be a 100% solution

    Regards, Ulrich

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